Markovian Madness

By: Dante

Markov Chains are delight little state machines that turn probability into pseudo-creativity. Basically you provide the system with a series of connected states, and the program determines, given the data, the probability of going between various each of the nodes in your set. In practice, these little buggers are great at producing artifacts that can 'feel' like the original - but are nothing of the sort. They can also produce random gibberish. One of the more common areas to find Markov Chains are in word generators, which you've likely found around the internet for everything from fantasy first names, to towns, to mountains anything that has a name where lots of those names sound similar. But, what if you couldn't find a name generator for the group of items you're searching for? Well, I've built just such a handy tool here, that allows you to paste in a series of words, separated by newlines, and the result popped out will be a markov chain that produces all those values you've ever wanted. Of course, the larger the sample set of words/names (called a corpus) the better your results will be. I've also included several variations, which might help to refine your search but ultimately might also restrict the creativity of your chain... just in case you really weren't looking for ububububububububeckistan as the name of your new fantasy country.

Word Generator