By: Dante

We are now up to version 0.3.0 of my A-Sky-Forge, the new version has a bunch of new features, as outline here. The most important of these updates is a significant improvement in speed, with the new version being up to about 50% faster then previous versions. That said, as I haven't had an opportunity to validate this code on a mobile device. I still recommend that the newer version should be limited to target a desktop audience, but the bar for using the sky has been dramatically reduced, so combined with improvements with technology, I'm hoping that this limitation does not stick around forever. This is a really pretty new version of the sky, and also includes special conditions for both solar and lunar eclipses and better visuals. To give it a look, click here. Or to see the new solar ecclipse feature in action, click here. Or to see the lunar eclipse, click here.

Source On Github

I've worked really hard on this new update - what I thought would take a weekend, turned into a month long project. Overall, though, I'm really excited about how these changes turned out and I hope you enjoy them alot!

Dante ^_^

Older versions

A-Sky-Forge Version 0.2.0 (Warning, heavy on the GPU)
A-Sky-Forge Version 0.1.0 (Warning heavy on the GPU)