By: Dante

Today I'm excited to release the first iteration of my animated sky for the A-Frame web VR framework. I've been developing this sky now for several months, using ngokevins A-Sun-Sky source for the sun and hue. Adding to this base, I have added a moon that includes real time phases, using the image and normal map by JosipKladaric, which I've combined with a custom normal map projector for the sky, stars based on positions from hyg dataset, limited to stars below magnitude 6.0, their right ascensions, declinations, magnitudes and colors then converted into images, which are passed into the final shader for rendering. All elements have then been connected astronomical positions based on calculations from Meeus' Astronomical Algorithms and linearly interpolated, using slerps, or plain old linear interpolation (plus a few modifications for interpolating around the surface of a sphere). It's really been quite an intensive little project and while I still have improvements that need to be made, I'm excited to have gotten this far. This is both my first endevour creating a component for Web VR and my first experience with shaders. Hopefully it will prove to be a useful sky for the growing, free, internet metaverse :D.

To check out my sky, click the example below. It uses time dilatation set up to 200x the current speed of time.

A-Sky-Forge Example (Warning, really heavy on the CPU/GPU - developed on a NVIDIA 1070)

To make use of this sky yourself, check out my github page below for the code and setup instructions.

Source On Github

Older versions

A-Sky-Forge Example (Warning heavy on the CPU/GPU)